Rainbow- Snapshots Finished

My First Quilt – Part 6: Finished! Finally.

Well she’s all done.

I had originally picked out a white-on-black spot for my binding, but after choosing the printed backing, rather than the pieced back with solids I was planning, it was all a bit too busy. Instead I went with a solid black binding to frame the quilt. There’s no way I could have settled on a single colour and I think the binding also ties in the bits of black from the backing.

Rainbow- Snapshots Finished

I’m so happy with how the spiral quilting turned out. The free motion part in the middle is a bit wonky, but that just adds character, right?

Rainbow- Snapshots Quilting

The print on the back has worked so well in balancing the front, the circles and squares are a great contrast and while the colours are all brights I found the top seemed to be more cool colours, where as the back is beautiful and warm.

Rainbow- Snapshots FinishedRainbow- Snapshots Backing

I also decided to hand embroider the label for this quilt. I just couldn’t find a great pen/marker/printing solution that looked like it would work and remain legible through a (hopefully) long life. I was reading a lot of blog posts about labeling quilts and checking out different labels on Flickr so decided I wanted to make this a good one and spent that bit of extra time creating my label.

Rainbow- Snapshots Label

So there you have it, my first quilt, finished by the end of the year which was my goal. If you missed in one of the earlier posts, this quilt is based on Snapshots by Elizabeth Hartman from her book The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker.

I’ve made a small baby quilt since, and have also started on my next bigger quilt project.

Rainbow- Snapshots Folded

  • AJ

    Very nice! Love the colors, backing and especially the label. Can’t wait to see what’s up next.

    AJ (TheQuiltingPot Podcast)

    • Thanks so much for visiting & your kind comments AJ.

  • Jennifer @ Glinda Quilts

    Wow! What an amazing quilt … Your first?! Looking forward to seeing the 2nd :)

    • Yes my first started & first finished. Only took me 12 months :P

  • Katiejohnson

    that is beautiful! Great job!!! I love how you chose to quilt it too. :)

    • The results were well worth the pain of quilting it that way. Thanks for stopping by!

  • jennysullivanparker

    It’s fantastic! You are an overachiever, for sure. :-)

    • Haha no just an over thinker/researcher!

  • SeeingStars / Kim

    What an amazing first quilt. The bright colors, backing fabric and quilting look so nice together. Great choices. And the black binding just does it’s job well to unify everything.

  • Izzy

    Great job! I can’t believe this is your first quilt… My first quilt didn’t look nearly as nice as yours! :-)

    • I can’t believe it’s finally done.

  • Eva Johansson

    Wow..like it very much/evaj

    • Thanks Eva, glad you stopped by.

  • A.J. Dub

    Love it! Such a fun, bright quilt! (Came over from Pam’s contest post.)

    • Thanks for coming over to visit, I recognised the name from Pam’s podcast straight away (:

  • Kati R.

    Awesome quilt, Jessica!

    • Thanks so much Kati, I’m looking at it right now and it still makes me so proud.