New Year, New Site

When I started this blog about 2 years ago now, I just went with a really bare bones theme, did a few things to it, collected more ideas but wasn’t going to spend too much time on it just yet in case I didn’t use it that much.

Fast forward to now and we’re not doing too badly, so I think it’s finally time for a new outfit!

This is the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme with a few customisations here and there. I build websites as my day job, I didn’t really want to spend my sewing time ‘working’ so I’ve taken a good looking theme and just done enough to make it mine.

I hope you like it, it’s all nice and responsive so should work well on most devices, however in older versions of Internet Explorer it might not be awesome (try a new browser like Firefox or Chrome, or at least upgrade IE, pretty please!? You’ll love it, I promise). If you have any issues feel free to let me know.

Psst… you can follow my blog with Bloglovin if you want to, but you don’t have to, it’s just a necessary evil to show this link to get my blog registered over there.