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Finish a Long 2016: Q1 Wrap Up & Q2 Goals

Q1 Wrap Up: 0 finishes

Well that was a bit of a fail, not for lack of trying but a lot of life things happening. From my Q1 list, progress was definitely made on the first two quilts but they’ll be shuffled into the Q2 finish list.

My stretch goal – a guild charity quilt, wasn’t finished but it has been passed on to another guild member who put their hand up to quilt it. It’s no longer on my list, but not my finish so I guess that technically gets disqualified, but still good for me that it’s off my plate.

I did finish a bunch of swap items, not eligible for nomination but still very satisfying and I’m proud of all three of them.

Q2 Goals

I didn’t get this post up in time to officially link up and join the Finish-A-Long but I’ll play along anyway for my own accountability.

1. The baby quilt. Originally this was going to be for my new nephew, I picked the fabrics and created the design before he was born (and before we knew he was a he) but it didn’t feel quite right, especially now that I’ve met him so he’ll get a different quilt. Instead this one has been reassigned for another little baby girl – and it’s multiplied! It’s currently basted and ready for quilting.

2. Nan’s Quilt – it’s progressed to being quilted, I think I’m about 3/4 through and then time for binding and a small update to the label to finish off.

Finally getting into quilting this baby, been sitting around for far too long #finishalong2016 #juki

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3. I’ll replace my previous stretch goal – I may have passed on the guild charity quilt I had listed for Q1 but I also picked up another (smaller) quilt for quilting & binding, I’m hoping to have that one ready to hand in at our next WMQG charity sew day in late June.

Some other bits and pieces I’ll be working on are a handful of 12″ blocks for our guild charity quilts using my lucky dip bag of fabrics, I have fabric and hope to have a go at the current MQG fabric challenge. There are potentially a few other baby quilts coming up. I’m signed up to the #blackandwhitequiltswap and I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe I might get to make a start on my Gypsy Wife quilt.

Aiming high, but why not!?

Finish A Long 2016: Q1 Goals

I’m jumping in on the Finish A Long for 2016 & linking up with Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts (one of this years hosts) in an effort to set and achieve some public goals during the year. This is by no means my full to-do list but I’ll try to keep my sights on a few achievable projects and maybe a stretch goal for the quarter.

2016 FAL


For Quarter 1 2016 I’m hoping to finish…

1. A quilt for my Nan – the top and back are pieced, the label is made, I just need to base, quilt, bind and gift this quilt.

Time to figure out my backing and get this top basted & quilted, Indi is helpering #helpercat

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2. A quilt for my new baby nephew – the photo below shows my drafted pattern and fabric pull but I have since pieced most of the top together, just need to add top & bottom border strips then baste, quilt, label, bind and gift this quilt.

Any thoughts? I can’t decide between a) top or bottom layout and b) purple at the blue end or the pink end

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Technically these two should have been done by Christmas but things (you know those pesky things) came up. They will be done this quarter!

This one might be my stretch goal but I’d also finally like to get this charity quilt quilted, bound and donated to the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild charity quilt drive.

That should be plenty on top of 3 swaps I have due this quarter and the Mighty Lucky Quilters Club, once I clear out a few of those WIPs (and some brain space) I can start to form some more concrete plans for some other fabric selections I have waiting, and possibly a show quilt or two.