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Phoebe & Phoebe

Phoebe & Phoebe - Elephant Softies

It’s about time I introduce Phoebe & Phoebe. These gorgeous elephant softies were made using the “Phoebe” pattern from Melly & Me.

I’d seen a few good reviews and great results from these patterns, the softies look really impressive! I was feeling quite intimidated initially but wanted to give one a go so chose the elephant as I thought the few large pieces would hopefully be a bit easier to manage than a lot of small fiddly bits.

Phoebe & Phoebe - Elephant Softies

These two were made for my nieces for Christmas (yes it’s taken me some time to post about them). The fabrics are from the Hoopla for Moda range that I picked up, along with the pattern, from Kelani Fabric. Niece #2 was born in the days leading up to Christmas, we didn’t know she was going to be a girl so I had the ears sewn on to both elephants, and was waiting for the news before sewing the blankets on. Had she been a boy they would have gone the other way around but the plan for two girls was to mix them up. They also have their initials embroidered into the inner side of a leg to save any fights in future about whose was whose.

The pattern requires a mix of machine and hand sewing, and I chose to blanket stitch around the applique felt toes and eyes by hand using 2 strands of embroidery cotton. There were a couple parts that I found a bit tricky or would do a bit differently next time…

  • I found there were some seams that could have been a little wider or used a bit of reinforcement, particularly the curves between the front and back legs on each side and the front and back where four seams met.
  • I may have done something not quite right but the plaited felt tails aren’t particularly strong, which I found out when my two year old niece used it for carrying around her elephant (as you do when you’re two) and it didn’t last long – hers now has an adorable stubby tail.

Phoebe & Phoebe - Elephant Softies

Overall I absolutely adore these softies, and have had many kind comments about them. I’ll definitely use this pattern again in future (in fact I have just made another one which I’ll be sharing) and would love to try some of the other patterens by Melly & Me, perhaps Bubbles the Unicorn, Dawn the Deer Foal or Mrs. Perkins the Giraffe, to name a few.

Saffron Softies

Saffron Craig Softies - Snuggles

I spied these cuties at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair back in June last year but made myself walk away at the time. While buying supplies for another softie pattern (for a more complicated creature I’ll introduce soon) from Kelani Fabric I came across the fabric panels by Saffron Craig again and had to get them as a warm up project.

It’s as easy as cut the front and back out, pin right sides together, sew around leaving a small gap, turn inside out, fill with stuffing, sew up the gap – you could probably do it in an hour so why it took me a good month or more to make I don’t know.

Saffron Craig Softies - SewingSaffron Craig Softies - Stuffing

There are two videos on Saffron Craig’s website which show her making her softies which got me as far as cutting, sewing & stuffing. It wasn’t until I read this blog post on Chasing Cottons and saw photos of another softie being stuffed and sewn up by cute little girl hands that I got over my fear of  “what if I don’t do it properly?” and finished them off.

Saffron Craig Softies - Mittens

A couple of tips I would add to those already out there, some which I figured out while making my kitties and some that I worked out after and would consider next time…

  • To minimise the amount of white showing around the seams, when pinning the front and back together hold them up to a light source so you can see where the outlines are, and check from both sides.
  • If there are lines that match up like the collars on these kitties, use those as reference points to match up as well.
  • Stuff them heaps! Leave a bit of room when you’re ready to sew up the gap, I found it helped to have a bit of room when initially turning in those seams to match up. Sew it up a bit so you can still fit a finger or pen/pencil through the gap comfortably and add some more stuffing then finish closing it up.

Or you can just ignore all that, slap them together and they’ll still be just as cute the way you make them.

Saffron Craig Softies - Snuggles
Saffron Craig Softies - Snuggles