Aussie Modern Instabee - Trellis Crossroads

Aussie Modern Instabee – April

Yep I realise it’s June. I fell a bit behind with my Aussie Modern Instabee blocks which my bee mates have been very understanding about.

On the plus side, it has worked out that I’m making the same block pattern for both April and June so getting all the cutting done at the one time and making a single text block has been great.

Here’s my Trellis Crossroads test block in my colour scheme of rich jewel tones & a scrappy low volume background. I played around with my fabrics to make a bit of a gradient around the quarters.

Aussie Modern Instabee - Trellis Crossroads test block

And here’s my April block for Claire who requested emerald greens with a pop of orchid on a medium grey background which she supplied. I was a bit low on greens so it was a great excuse to extend the range of greens I had. There are some real beauties in there including Botanics with a hint of metallic gold, Terra Australis, Saffron Craig & Pearl Bracelets to name a few.

Aussie Modern Instabee - Trellis Crossroads for Claire

Unlike me, the bee mates I’ve had so far have all been super prompt in sending their blocks to me. Clockwise from the top-left we have my March block from Natasha, May block from Crystal, June block from Clare and my April block from Liz.

Aussie Modern Instabee - Mosaic Tiles blocks March-June

I’ve got my June block cut out and ready to go (the same Trellis Crossroads pattern as above) and my May test block has been done so I’ll be taking those along to the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild Sew Day this Saturday and I should be all caught up!

  • Penny

    Just found your blog researching Juki’s and realised you are from Fairy Meadow/Wollongong area. Now I am feeling homesick as I was born and raised in Cabbage Tree Lane, Fairy Meadow then move to Woonona after I married. Lived in the area for nearly forty seven years before we moved to country Victoria thirteen years ago. I don’t miss the traffic but do miss walks along the beaches, the lookouts, Dams and bushwalks, plus drives to Kiama, Berry, etc or over the mountain. It is a wonderful area to live and it seems the longer one is away the more you miss it. The quilting world seems to have increased there as well. Enjoy!

    • Hi Penny,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. How’s the Juki research coming along? I’m still in love with mine though the poor thing is feeling a little bit neglected (bit like my blog) after we’ve moved house recently, I’ve only just unpacked my fabric and am almost ready to sew again. I’m now in Balgownie but grew up in Kiama, it’s a beautiful area so I understand why you would miss it.

      If you’re ever up this way visiting you’re more than welcome to come drop in on the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild (