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My First Quilt – Part 2: Fabric Choices & Firsts

As I mentioned in my introduction post, for my first quilt I’ve chosen the Snapshots quilt from Elizabeth Hartman’s The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker. Rather than using the white on black prints I was hoping to find something a bit more colourful, but I also wanted to keep it simple because I tend to be terribly indecisive.

Using the alternative fabric suggestions in the book, I thought an easy way to introduce a range of fabrics would be to use a Jelly Roll. While there are so many beautiful prints available even that was too much to think about so what I’ve chosen to use is a rainbow solids jelly roll, this one is Kona Cotton Solids – Classic Palette. In a quilt of firsts, this was the first time I got to crack open a Jelly Roll and oh my… it was gorgeous! Even the lint it left everywhere looked delicious (sprinkles anyone?).

Kona Cotton Solids - Classic Palettemmm sprinkles

The Jelly Roll was paired with Kona Cotton in White, I bought yardage for that and sliced it up myself thanks to some encouragement and a few tips at my first Saturday Sit n Sew with the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild. It turned out to be more of a Stand n Slice for me but that step alone would have scared me for months if I were doing it on my own.

I took out a few of the extra strips from the jelly roll, then paired each strip with a white strip and set out on a chain piecing mission. I loved watching the rainbow forming behind my machine as I made my way through the pile.

Strip pairs
Strip chain piecing

Once all the pairs were done I randomly sorted them into piles and began the next step joining them into strip blocks. I’ll share those in the next post, including a rather uncanny (or perhaps somehow subconcious) combo that almost exactly matches something from my wardrobe.

Really Wonky Stars

About a month ago I found out that some local gals had recently started the Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild, I was so excited to join and go along to my first Saturday Sit ‘n Sew. It was the kick in the pants that I needed to make a start on my first quilt (progress report coming soon!).

The monthly meet ups are a great opportunity to get some dedicated sewing time in, and having some progress to show the next time keeps me chipping away in between. Everyone brings along their own projects to work on and share, there’s plenty of advice to help us newbies, and of course, some yummy morning tea and a good chat to.

We’re also hoping to be able to make charity quilts as group quilting bees, the plan is to take turns choosing a theme, organising the bee and deciding where the quilt will be donated. First up is Rachael who asked us to make a wonky star block with pastel pinks for the background and rich jewel coloured scraps. Here are the fabrics I chose, the center patterned pieces were from my scraps, the coloured squares were from a mixed fat quarter pack I bought (seeing as my scraps are pretty limited for now) and the pastel pinks for the background was provided for us.

Wonky Star Fabric Selections

And here are my (really) wonky star blocks. They were so much fun to make, I perhaps took the wonkiness a bit too far but they’re certainly original.

Wonky Star #1Wonky Star #2

My seam pressing perhaps could use some work but overall I’m pretty stoked with how they turned out, hope you like them Rach!